Next Generation of 100% water-soluble hemp extract with increased bioavailability and accelerated absorption.

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The waste volume of Hemp and CBD products in the market is simply overwhelming. The trendy marketing term “NANO” and “water-soluble” promise better absorption and faster results. Truth or deceiving Marketing?

Here is a simple test: If your water-soluble or NANO Hemp Oil looks cloudy or milky, it is an emulsion of micro-oil droplets, know as micelles, loaded with additional water-loving materials to keep it in this micro-oil stage. While it is true that micro-oil droplets can absorb slightly faster than regular oil….it’s still OIL. Our body is made of 70% water - water and oil don’t mix.

We asked a major water-soluble CBD Manufacturer to explain the degree of “water-soluble” :

Hi xxxxx,
“We prefer to use the term water dispersible, not soluble, since there’s technically not a way to make CBD soluble in water. We’ve had to internally add “soluble” to some of our marketing assets for SEO, but it is technically dispersible.”




  • is NOT CBD or Hemp Oil.
  • is NOT a HEMP/CBD “emulsion” that only moderately improves absorbtion.
  • is NOT a micro-sized oil droplet.
  • Is NOT full of additives, emulsifiers and stabilizers.


  • is a natural, pure, HEMP derived element
  • is 100% water soluble and 100% active
  • has higher bioavailability than CBD Oil.
  • is on average 3500% more effective than CBD Oil*
  • has greater impact on easing pain and inflammation than CBD*
  • cannabinoid profile shows “not detectable” per certified 3rd party testing.
  • has zero THC and is non-psychoactive
  • is Safe - Non Toxic - Non Habit Forming **
  • Is Patent-Pending and exclusive to Revolutionary Relief Products.

*According to a third party gene expression analysis, conducted on a panel of 163 genes that regulate biological functions affected by CBD.
**MTT assay and LD50 tested, receiving the highest possible safety rating.


Independent Gene Expression Analylsis of in Vitro EpiOral Tissues treated with CBD and Kannopia-Active™ test materials using Genemarker' CBD Panels.



Gene expression analysis provides insights into cellular processes.

Kannopia-Active™ gene expression analysis by function, compared to CBD isolate oil. Upon comparing gene expression results between the CBD oil and Kannopia-Active™, Kannopia-Active™ had a much greater effect on pain/inflammation.

As compared against 100mg/1ml CBD Oil in MCT, Kannopia-Active™ at 5% concentration in water expressed a significant increase in gene expression for :

  • PAIN / INFLAMMATION function by 179,503%
  • EPIDERMAL BARRIER function, by 30,870%
  • SKIN HYDRATION function, by 9,495%
  • WOUND HEALING function, by 9,115%
  • TISSUE INTEGRITY / REMODELING function, by 3,961%
  • ACNE REGULATION function, by 3,172%
  • CELL GROWTH / RENEWAL function, by 82%

How do we convert Hemp Oil into water-soluble Kannopia-Active™?

Kannopia-Active™ is derived via our patented, standardized process, developed controlled by Top Scientists who are dedicated to excellence in research and development of novel ingredients.

We only utilize USA organically grown, industrial hemp, free of contaminants, heavy metals and pesticides.

Kannopia-Active™ is manufactured exclusively in FDA Audited & Approved cGMP Facilities and FDA ICH Q7a Compliant Manufacturing Facility for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

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